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Name : Dizzy Sub , Age : 25 , Slut Type: Curious

   This is the typical type of sub slut, curious. I found her straggling downtown by the port authority area, looking for a daddy or a trick. But what she found was a real black master with some hand cuffs, a gimp mask, and a few dildos.

   Took this slim bitch to a motel and went to work. At first she was kinda scared, then once we got into it, she was getting use to being dominated , bound, and masked.

   In this video, i show you how to treat a Dizzy Sub slut looking for a come up, but instead, gets her pussy trained. Rick Nasty
   Name : Eager  , Age : 27 , Slut Type: Willing

   Now this is a nice video of a Eager, and willing Slut i found. This bitch like's to be spanked and chained. So like a good Master, I gave the bitch what she desired.

   In this video, I show how a true slut likes to be dominated and used. It started out as just a spanking video, but the bitch kept trying to suck my dick, so finally I pulled it out and decided to let her suck on it while i hit her with the paddle. And just like a true sub bitch, she loved it. Since she was such a good submissive slut, I gave her some of this Master dick. Rick Nasty
Name : Bronx Slut , Age : 23 , Slut Type: Potential

   Now , I happen to favor this slut bitch. She is one of my favorites. She is the type of slut ,who will do anything to please her daddy / master.

   I shot this video at her house while her entire family was in the next room. While I  was spanking her, she got so loud that we had to turn the tv up to max volume to drown out her out cries and moans.
   We got real nasty in this video, butt plug training, double penetration with the roter rooter dildo, hard anal strokes, and a nice paddle spanking. What more could you ask for from a slut who's family is in the next room ? Rick Nasty
        Name : Cum Slut , Age : 32 , Slut Type: Trained

   Cum Slut is a already trained Slut who i met a few months ago. This is the definition of a sub slut. Even when this bitch walks with me in the street, without me having to tell her, the bitch walks behind me and puts her head down. She told me one day, when i allowed her to speak, that she use to have a old white Master , who use to smack her around, train her mouth , throat and pussy.
    So, In this video, I called by boy Unique over to face fuck this bitch. And he did a decent job of showing this already trained Cum Slut who was in charge. He's a true Master in training. Once he was done using her mouth, It was time for me to show her who was really in charge, so after giving her a few stiff smacks to the face, i decided to use her tongue for jerk meat. Rick Nasty
Name : Hood Slut , Age : 21 , Slut Type: In training

   Now this is a special project slut I'am working on. Found this big assed latina slut in the slums of spanish Harlem almost 2 years ago. Now, it might seem that you can't train a hood bitch to be a sub slut, but I dont believe that to be true at all. And this video shows how you can do it.

   At first I had to take it easy with Hood Slut, taking things slow, but now , she's ready. It's at a point where the bitch calls me up, just because she want's to be spanked or flogged.  She's so obsessed with it, that i have to ignore her for weeks, just to remind the slut whos in control. Watch as I make this fast talking Hood Slut take a thick butt plug up the ass, a vicious spanking and anal. Rick Nasty
Name : Slut Piss , Age : 35 , Slut Type: Extreme

Now , when I made the statement " it's not a website, it's a way of  life " this video right here , proves that statment right. Slut Piss, is a real good example of how a true Master, treats his sub slut.

   I have known Slut Piss for some time, and decided to show the viewers how we get down on the regular basis when the camera is off. In this video, I show you how Slut Piss takes a butt plug straight up her ass, i even make her shit on her self , oh so nasty. Next , i spank her small tight ass with a black paddle as she screams , cries , and calls me master.

   I then face fuck her while she is chained to the slave chair. And for the last act of humiliation, she opens wide, and gets a mouth full of piss. Rick Nasty